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Watch Bernama TV Online Malaysia Live Streaming

Watch Bernama TV Online Malaysia Live Streaming Bernama TV Malaysia, Berita Nasional Malaysia has known as Bernama TV Malaysia is launched on May, 20th 1968. The name of “Bernama” was named by Parliament on 1967. It has been Malaysian government official news agency. Behind the scene of Bernama TV Malaysia, it has some influencers which support the great programs; they are Datuk Zulkeefli bin Salleh as General Manager, Datuk Zakaria Abdul Wahab as Editor in Chief, Mr. Mokhtar bin Hussein as Deputy Editor in Chief Domestic News Service, Mr. Mikhail Raj Abdullah as Deputy Editor in Chief Economic News Service, and Mr. Ahmad Zukiman Zain as Deputy Editor in Chief International News Service.

Bernama TV Malaysia has grown up and developed into a good TV channel. It is proven by there were Bernama TV products, as follows:

Watch Bernama TV Online Malaysia Live Streaming

Bernama TV Malaysia has which is available in five languages such as English, Malay, Mandarin, Arabic, and Spanish. The one of this product of Bernama TV Malaysia gives the best services and products to fill up your necessity as follows news and web content development, routine news coverage, space to online advertising, social media blast, special events and exclusive interviews coverage, and so on.

2. Newlink5
If you want to customize your needs, you may choose one of Bernama TV Malaysia product such as Newlink5. This product will help you to get customizing news selection, full news updates and stories up to 300 news item in the daily report, and it can be accessed via international roaming.

BLIS an acronym for Bernama Library and Info link Service which is broadcasting and sharing information and research portal refers to the whole things’ happened in Malaysia. Furthermore, BLIS gives their support on government policies, industrial trends, and so on. As one of Bernama TV Malaysia products, BLIS has some database which is included in Bernama News, Foreign News, Economic Data, Speeches, Databank, Directories, Events’ calendar, Archival News, and Industry Reports.

The next product of BernamaTV Malaysia is Bernama Media Relations and Event Management or MREM that are managing all of services press release needs.

5. Bernama Image
Bernama image will handle and support about press photography, products and services digital image bank, corporate souvenirs, graphic design, photo restoration, and so on.

6. BernamaRadio
Bernama TV Malaysia has broadcasting on radio named Bernama Radio. It reports all news through English and Bahasa Malaysia on 93.9 FM on the radio station. There are the programs of Bernama radio such as Breaking News, creative programs, Bursa Malaysia, and so on.

7. Bernama News Channel
There is another Bernama TV Malaysia product which has reported the news in the real-time named Bernama News Channel.

8. Uxera
Uxera is one of Bernama TV Malaysia Live tv malaysia online products which are given the solution to you who have to need all the things of business information.
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