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Watch Live TV1 Malaysia Online Streaming Colours You and Colour Your Life with TV1 Malaysia, Do you ever heard about TV1 Malaysia? If it is not, you can find the review through this site. TV1 Malaysia is the one of Malaysia television which launched on December, 28th 1963. As a part of Radio Televisyen Malaysia (RTM), TV1 Malaysia has turned into few transformations from TV Malaysia that had been called on 1963 to 1969, RangkaianPertama on 1969 to 1978, and RTM1 on 1978 to 1990. As long as digital era growth, TV1 Malaysia can be accessed by online on Unifi during 24 hours.

All of TV1 Malaysia’s Journey

Here are some points about TV1 Malaysia to enlarge your knowledge about TV1 Malaysia’s broadcasting.

1. Being a Part of RTM on 1963
TV1 Malaysia is being a part of RTM on December, 28th 1963. It is available for 24 hours a day since August, 21st 2012. Not only in Malaysia, but TV1 Malaysia also broadcasting in Singapore and Brunei Darussalam.

2. Some Taglines to Create the Best Experience
The tagline is being an icon of trademark and other businesses to explain the marketing system or what kinda focus in it. Therefore, TV1 Malaysia creates a tagline which can describe what TV1 Malaysia about. There were some taglines that have been adopted, as follows:
- SaluranKomunikasiAnda (Your Communication Channel) from 1978 to 1987.
- TemanSetiaAnda (Your Loyal Companion) from 1987 to 1990.
- SaluranPerdana (Prime Channel) on 1990 to July, 31st 2004.
- SaluranInfotainmenAnda (Your Infotainment Channel) on August, 1st 2004 toMarch, 31st 2006.
- SaluranInforia (Infotainment Channel) on April, 1st 2006 to December, 31st 2008.
- SaluranInformasi (Information Channel) on January, 1st 2009 to January, 31st 2013.
- Mewarnaimu (Colours You) on February, 1st 2013 and still available.

3. The Greatest Programs on TV1 Malaysia
TV1 Malaysia Live tv malaysia online has completed their broadcasting through create the best programs, such as:
- Drama, they are Aku di Sisimu, Kelas 3 Cempaka, DestinasiUkhuwah, Kasih di Wajahmu, Cinta Maya, Ketika Masa Terhenti, SeharumMawar, etc.
- Magazine, they are Gitardalam Beg, RumpunMelayu Global, DiariRykarl, HeiMaskulin, etc.
- Spiritual, they are Halal, AndaMusykil, TilawahInteraktif, Fikrah, IlmuAqaaid, PersadaJurnal, etc.
- News, they are BicaraPolitikEkonomi, Belanjawan 2019, BicaraKhas, KBI, Nang Rindok, etc.
- Sport, they are Planet Sukan, Liga Super Malaysia, BintangEmas, etc.
- Cinema, they are Kekasih di Kala Maghrib, LukisanTakdir, Malaikat pun Tahu, Perahu Kecil, KurinduKibarmu, Lalang, Di PintuBarzakh, ZurinaPenariZapin, Korban JalildanJiman, Malam Panjang, MakNgahRempit, etc.
- Entertainment, they are Diva and DimensiLegenda.

4. Accessibility and Broadcast Area
TV1 Malaysia can be accessed by satellite, cable, and IPTV. There are some available satellites such as Astro and NJOI on Channel 101. Moreover, TV1 Malaysia can be accessed in Singapore via cable through channel 178. For further information, the customers can do a calling or visit the headquarters of TV1 Malaysia in Angkasapuri, Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia.


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